This class focused on the learning of software. The software that was used includes photoshop, illustrator and indesign. Three projects were created from each. A typography project in photoshop, an illustration exercise in illustrator and a interactive pdf book in indesign.

  • photoshop project
  • illustrator project
  • indesign project


In this class a series of projects were executed, a personal monogram and various type exercises. Our final project was a type poster that delt with a song.

  • monogram
  • experimental type
  • evocative type
  • hierachy exercise
  • typeposters

Color & Image

This class was also a class were a lot of small projects were done. The exploration of color plays an important role in design and this class did a great job in teaching us this.

  • illustrations
  • magazine cover
  • icons
  • social cause posters

Graphic Design

In this class logos and stationery were created along with a brand book. This was a class that I really enjoyed.

  • logos
  • letterhead
  • brand book

Art Direction

This class focused on campaigns. Only two projects were done, the first was a idividual project and the other was a team project. Also in this class we had the chance to visit two ad agencies.

  • product campaign
  • team campaign